A Few Words About Our Restaurant

Since opening in 1997, The Daily Perk has been serving up fresh coffee and good eats to TTC commuters at Victoria Park subway station.  In 2012, we opened our second location in the lower level of Spadina subway station with expanded menu offerings.

 The TTC Commuter Problem

It’s no secret that quality coffee and food options are limited in the TTC’s subway system, especially when commuters are rushing to catch a bus or train. Commuters waste time walking out of their way or waiting in drive through lineups for an average or overpriced daily pick me up.  The TTC commuter goal is simple: get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the food dilemma makes the commuter goal a lengthy and inefficient daily grind. 

 Our Solution…

As it turns out, The Daily Perk’s mission is to provide a solution that helps commuters seamlessly achieve their goal in a timely and efficient manner.  For over 20 years, The Daily Perk has been providing great quality food and beverage choices with exceptional customer service. And of course, with prices that don’t gouge the average wallet. This is what distinguishes us from the rest of the underground food guys and the reason why we are the go to option for countless TTC commuters every day.

 Get your daily perk, when you need it most.

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